Licences and Affiliations
It has come to my attention that there are unlicensed imposters in the field of canines, claiming to have canines that can detect anything from weapons to illicit drugs. To avoid being duped, ask these following questions.
  1. Is your K-9 facility licensed by the state or ATF for explosives, and the D.E.A., to train canines and handle illicit narcotics such as Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth, and Heroin?

  2. If a K-9 facility is not D.E.A., ATF or is State licensed, how can they train narcotic or Explosive detection dogs with either real Narcotics or the real Explosives?

  3. Is your K-9 facility insured?

  4. If not, they are taking a big risk for liability?

  5. Are pseudo drugs or explosives used for training? Sorry pseudo scents don't count.

  6. Do you have liability insurance certificate for your canines, and if so produce it. Make sure that you are on the liability insurance policy as an additional insured before committing into any agreements.

  7. Do you have any law enforcement background? Ask where, and have them prove it.

  8. What experience do you have in the canine field?

  9. Do you have any past customers, or references that can be documented?

If you get a no response to any of the
above questions, beware!!!!!

Always Ask For the Facilities D.E.A., or High Explosive
License Number & Insurance Binder before Utilizing Any Services!!!!

Long Island K-9 Service holds these following licenses:
  • New York State High Explosive License
  • US Drug Enforcement Administration Controlled Substance License
  • New York State Watchguard Agency License
Long Island K-9 Service has these following Affiliations:
  • ASIS
  • FOP
  • A Proud Sponsor, and originator of L.I. Safe Schools