Narcotics/Weapons/Explosives Detection Dogs
Drug Detection Dogs help Maintain a 'Drug-Free' Workplace
Long Island K-9 is available to inspect private and commercial facilities to determine if illegal Drugs or Explosives are present. This service is vital to a company, or school that is serious about a Weapons and drug-free environment.

How Does Long Island K-9 Operate?
Long Island K-9, a privately contracted service, detection work is performed to your specifications and is held in strict confidence. If evidence of illegal activity is uncovered, the next course of action remains your decision. In many cases prosecution does ensue; however, Long Island K-9 understands that a client's best interests may not always be served by legal intervention.

How Do Drug/Explosive Detection Dogs Work?
These highly intelligent canines go through intensive training and behavioral programs where they learn to detect Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, and explosives. This same search and detect operation is presently utilized by the U.S. Customs Department and other law enforcement agencies. Governments and industries worldwide use this method for its high rate of efficiency and cost effectiveness. Companies and educational institutions constantly strive to maintain a drug/weapons free environment, and random inspections as described above have created a strong psychological deterrent to those using or dealing drugs.

In this day and age of terrorist's threats and documented bombings, both foreign and domestic, we must take all the precautions necessary to minimize the dangers that can strike us at any given time or place. Explosive detection dogs are utilized worldwide and are known for their accuracy and dependability. Long Island K-9 is now offering these specialized K-9 teams to the private sector. These are the same K-9 teams law enforcement and government agencies utilize. These teams have been activated in the past for...
  • Air Lines
  • Corporations (checking freight, packages & mail)
  • Cruise Ships
  • Schools
  • Large Gatherings/Arenas/High Profile Events
Licensed by (DEA) Drug Enforcement Administration and New York State to possess high explosives, we have the credentials and 35 years of experience to offer our clients the best detection dog teams in the business. These dogs are trained to detect the odors of...
  • Explosives
  • Firearms/Ammunition
  • Explosive Compounds

This is officer Steve Hossack training with one of my Explosive detection dogs Nero. Nero is a very high drive Czech import

This is Nero with Steve, scenting Dynamite that was placed in an overhead storage compartment in a bus, simulating an airplane.

Here is another K-9 Handler Officer Robert Murray pictured here with Ada, providing an Explosive Sweep for the 2004 Republican Convention at the Palace Hotel located in New York City.

This was one of our K-9 Handlers, pictured here providing Explosive Detection services for the 2004 Republican Convention at the Plaza Hotel, in New York City.